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Sign up for Paws in Motion Dog Walking Services!

Are your pets up to date on all necessary vaccinations?
Do your pets have a history of biting or any aggression?
Choose what days you want your dog walked on. (you can always change these)
  • As a new client, your journey begins by completing the New Client Form above. This simple step is designed for initial contact, ensuring a seamless fit between us without any obligations on your part.

  • After receiving your Sign Up Form, I'll personally connect with you to understand your needs better and ensure the ideal pet care experience for your furry friend!

  • Upon submission, you'll receive access to your personalized account, simplifying scheduling, secure payments, and direct communication, all tailored to your convenience.

  • Following that, I will arrange a new client consultation, providing a fantastic chance to ensure compatibility between your family and my services. These meetings come at no cost to you.

  • After the consultation, you'll be granted access to an online account or the mobile app, allowing you to seamlessly submit scheduling requests whenever it suits you best.

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